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Babel No More by Michael Erard
Babel No More By Michael Erard
Pris:197.32 kr
Beskrivelse:Babel No More : Paperback : SIMON & SCHUSTER : 9781451628265 : 1451628269 : 02 Oct 2012 : A &;fascinating&;
(The Economist) dive into the world of linguistics that is &;part travelogue, part science lesson, part
intellectual investigation&;an entertaining, informative survey of some of the most fascinating
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Michael Erard History of the Occult Tarot
Michael Erard History Of The Occult Tarot
Pris:129,- kr
Beskrivelse:When the Tarot pack was invented in Italy in the early 15th century, it was simply a pack of cards, used for
playing games. Esoteric interpretations of the pack date from late eighteenth-century France, and were
confined to that country for a hundred years. Nowadays, however, the cards are used throughout the
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Vienna Acoustics 1825: Echoes Of Vienna On Historical Harp
Vienna Acoustics 1825: Echoes Of Vienna On Historical Harp
Pris:199,- kr
Beskrivelse:?1825? ? the titel of the upcoming album of the young Austrian harpist Elisabeth Plank takes reference to the
instrument of this recording, the historical double-action harp which was created in that year by the Paris
firm of the Érard Brothers. The selection of works makes the emergance of an original harp
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